More Overnight West Side Arson Fires, Second Suspect Arrested

It isn't often that an arsonist announces his intentions to his victim, but police say that's what happened on the city's west side early today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say a man walked into a gas station on Enrique Barrera Parkway shortly after midnight, and announced he was going to set th building on fire.

The man then walked out, and the clerk noticed a dumpster in front of the station was burning.

Firefighters were called, and they found two more dumpster fires in the area, one at Commerce and Allsup and one on South San Joaquin.

A man was arrested and he is being questioned by police.

It is not known whether this man is connected to a suspect who was arrested yesterday in connection with a series of minor arson fires on the west side.

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