Poll Shows Biden Leading Among Texas Democrats, Cornyn Slumping

A new poll by Emerson College shows both President Trump and Republican U.S. Sen John Cornyn with slumping poll numbers in Texas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Pollster Spencer Kimball says the poll shows Cornyn with 39% support, unusually weak for a sitting U.S. Senate, especially a Republican in a GOP dominated state like Texas.

Kimball says the only good news for Cornyn right now is that the three little known Democrats who have emerged to challenge him are barely registering. He says unsuccessful 2018 Congressional candidate M.J. Hegar is the strongest challenger, at 10%. In fact, 'someone else' was the top choice for a Democrat Senate candidate, polling 18%.

"And everybody else is between 5% and 9%," Kimball said. "That tells me that the Democratic primary field for the Senate race is still wide open, and if Beto wanted to jump into that race he could probably take that nomination."

Kimball says the two 'favorite sons' in the Democrat Presidential race, are far from the favorites among Texas Democrats. Beto O'Rourke grabs 19 percent support in Texas, with Julian Castro out of the money in the single digits.

Among the Democrat challengers, the poll shows both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would beat President Trump in Texas is the election were held today.

Biden leads in Texas with 28%, followed by O'Rourke with 19%, then Bernie Sanders with 16%. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigeig round out the top five.

Kimball says Texans would support O'Rourke getting out of the Presidential race and entering the campaign against Cornyn.

"We did ask the question, should both of them drop out and run for Senate, and more voters thought Beto should drop out and run for Senate than thought Castro should run."