Massive Lackland Sewer Project Begins

Construction has finally begun on a massive new sewer line which will support Lackland Air Force Base, as well as the fast growing southwest side of San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The project will cost up to $200 million, and required an act of Congress to get the project underway.

Deputy Assistant Air Force Secretary Mark Correll says it's what the service has come to expect from San Antonio.

"When I look around town and a I see all the 'Military City USA' signs, what I see isn't just words," he said. "What I see is Military City USA in action."

Like much of San Antonio's infrastructure, the sewerage system under the city's southwest side is far to small to support the construction of new neighborhoods in what has become one of the fastest growing parts of the city. In addition, the current systems at Lackland are outdated.

"This gives us a more robust and secure all on-base system, which will protect our installation, while serving the needs of the City of San Antonio," Correll said.

Local officials said privately that the massive project will also 'BRAC-proof' Lackland one step more, making it unlikely that the training and support base will be included in the next round of military base closings, expected as early as 2021.

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