Bexar Commissioners Expected to Change the Way We Vote

Bexar County Commissioners today are expected to change the way we vote on Election Day, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Commissioners will consider what is called the 'Vote Center' program, effective with the Constitutional Amendment election this fall.

Keith Ingram, the State Director of the Elections in the Secretary of State's Office, says that would end the system of 'precinct voting' on election day.

"On Election Day, voters don't have to go to their precinct, they can go and vote anywhere in the county, the same as during early voting," he said.

Many voters have told officials they are tired of having to scour the Internet on Election Day, trying to find the church they have never heard of on a street they have never been to, where their particular home precinct is voting this year.

Supporters of the 'Vote Center' concept say is also saves money, because far fewer 'centers,' in places like libraries and community buildings, will be needed.

But Ingram says the County may decide to maintain some of the old precinct voting places.

"Generally, counties like to ease into it, without closing a lot of places up front," he said.

Advocates for low income voters say the 'Vote Center' system, if officials don't allow precincts in low incomes areas to stay open, depresses the low income and minority turnout. They say lower income people often don't have the mobility needed to go to the mall six miles away, and prefer to continue voting at the church which is within walking distance.

Supporters of Vote Centers say while the concept may not increase voter turnout, it clearly makes voting more convenient, and makes the system safer, becasue there are far fewer places where evil doers could hack into voting machines or otherwise tamper with votes.

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