El Paso Gunman Cited 'The White Supremacist Bible' in His 'Manifesto'

In a rambling, 2000 plus word 'mainfesto' that the 21 year old El Paso gunman posted on the web site '8-chan,' which is frequented by conspiracy theorists, gamers, and 'incels,' he ranted against a Hispanic 'invasion' of Texas, complained that more Latino voters were going to turn Texas into a Democrat-majority state, and called for Texas to be carved up into separate 'enclaves' where people of different nationalities can live apart from one another.

But he also referenced a book that has become the 'Bible' of the white supremacist movement, indicating that he was radicalized by reading 'The Great Replacement.'

So what is 'The Great Replacement,' which was also referenced by the organizers of the deadly 'Unite the Right' riots in Charlottesville Virginia?

'The Great Replacement' is a theory first put forth by a French economist in 2011...he has since distanced himself from it. It claims that the worldwide surge in migration which has been underway for the past decade is not caused by wars, bad harvests, incompetent governments, and a lack of economic opportunity in much of the world, as most experts agree.

The book claims mass migration of Muslims into Europe and of Latin Americans into the United States is part of a long term organized plan to dilute and eventually to 'replace' the Caucasian residents of Europe and North America with new residents, who will be more poorly educated, more pliant, and, most importantly, will demand lower wages than Caucasians.

The creators of this grand scheme, according to the book, are large global corporations, which also come in for criticism in the manifesto.

The book claims the goal of the large corporations is several generations of low income workers, until all workers can be replaced themselves, by automation, which is also criticized in the manifesto.

The book has had more real impact on government policy in Europe, were countries are more homogenous, and are less used to immigration, than the United States. Several nativist political parties in Europe, cite 'The Great Replacement' as part of their platforms.

All demographers, political scientists, and experts on migration agree that this 'theory' is nonsense, and the cause behind migration is a societal breakdown in the migrants' country of origin, fueled by for-profit immigrant smugglers and by, ironically, the success of capitalism, which has, for the first time in human history, given even those at the very bottom income quintiles the wherewithal to escape the oppressive situations which trapped their parents and grandparents for decades.

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