Illegal Immigrant Files $40 Million Lawsuit Against Dilley Detention Center

An illegal immigrant is suing the operators of a migrant detention center in Dilley for $40 million, claiming the center is responsible for the death of her daughter, who died days after being released from the facility

The complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in San Antonio, comes on the heels of the same woman filing a $60 million lawsuit against Customs and Border Protection Project.

The Dilley Pro Bono Project, which helps illegal immigrants navigate the detention system, says these complaints about Dilley not providing medical care to detainees are not new.

"They will be told that you can wait until you are released, and, in some cases, they are told that after they are released, they should see a specialist," the Project's Katy Murdza said.

She says the little girl was relased with a 104 degree fever.

She says on other occasions, immigrants have to deal with conflicting rules on when they can get medical care for urgent conditions.

"There are very specific guildelines for what a medical emergency is," she said. "People who need medical care, for example, after dinner and before breakfast frequently have that issue."

The Dilley facility, which is a former oilfield 'man camp,' was first stood up during the Obama Administration to deal with the first wave of Central Amercian migrants in 2014. It is set up to house unaccompanied and children and families, and it has been the focus of multiple protests due to the nature of the individuals, mainly children, who are detained there.

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