San Antonio's 'Camry Cruisin' Bank Robber Cruising into a Federal Prison

San Antonio's infamous 'Camry Cruisin' bank robber, who stole nearly a half million dollars in a crime spree that lasted for five years, is cruising his way into a federal prison cell for the next 15 years, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Wannarka says Dennis Stephen's crime spree went on far too long.

"Over the course of five years, eight banks were robbed, and the FBI wanted to stop it," she said.

Stephen, 42, began his robbery spree in November of 2013 and he knocked off a total of eight banks, mainly in the north and northwest sides of the city, until he was captured following a robbery at a Frost Bank on Loop 1604 in July of 2018.

He was captured after a teller dropped a tracking device into the loot at the Frost Bank.

Wannartka says Stephen screamed and yelled at bank employees during his robbery, showing that bank robbery is not a crime that only victimized large, faceless corporations.

"There were over fifty victims, where they were either tellers, employees at the bank, or customers, and all of those people felt that they were in danger, and they were fearful for their lives," she said.

Stephen's day job was running an investment management company, and Wannartka says it was his 'greed' that led him to rob banks.

He got his nickname because he always made his getaway in a blue Toyota Camry. He also wore the same getup to all of his robberies, including a UTSA Roadrunners cap, sunglasses, and a surgical mask to cover his face.

After Stephen gets out of prison in 2034, he'll have to come up with some $433,000 to repay the banks all the money he stole.


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