Little Girl Selling Lemonade in San Antonio, to Benefit Wounded Officers

Theresa Ann Babock is selling ice cold lemonade on this hot day, in front of the San Antonio Police Headquarters downtown. But she's not selling it to raise money for back to school clothes. 1200 WOAI reports that every penny she raises will go to the Injured Police Officer Fund of Southern Nevada.

"I want to help police officers because they help us," she said as she sat up her "Love With Lemons" lemonade stand, wearing a shirt festooned with police badges from across California, Nevada and Texas, the places where she has sold lemonade.

And the price is right, too.

"Anything you want to donate."

Her dad Robert says his little girl has raised some big bucks for injured officers.

"She has raised almost $10,000 in the last three years," he said. "90 percent of that is police related, and so far this trip we've raised at least $5,000 he said.

He says like most dads, he would rather be spending the summer at the beach or playing in the back yard, but his daughter is committed to her cause so he is too.

"She has always cared about police, she loves that they appreciate and do things for us, and she wants us to know that there is still people who still care about them."


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