Why Maria Espinoza Strongly Supports the ICE Targeted Raids

Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Sunday began targeted raids to round up illegal immigrants who have lost their bids for asylum or permanent residency, and have orders for deportation against them, a tactic which has angered many Democrats and immigrant rights groups.

But one person who fully supports the ICE roundup is Maria Espinoza. She head the Remembrance Project Project, which advocates for the families of Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrants. She told the Bexar County Republican Women's Club that the immigrants being rounded up have nothing to complain about.

"These individuals were given an opportunity, they were going through the process, we were more than gracious to allow them to invade our borders," she said. "There are a high percentage of fraudulent asylum claims."

She says illegal immigrants are people who have already demonstrated through their actions that they have no interest in following U.S. laws. She cited a long list of Americans who have been raped, kidnapped, and murdered by people who are in this country illegally.

She says it is the municipal leaders of so called 'Sanctuary Cities' who have these innocent victims' blood on their hands.

"The 'Sanctuary City' policies and the city officials who support those policies should be prosecuted for clearly violating existing federal law," she said.

Espinoza blasted Democrats like U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) for claiming that 'President Trump manufactured the crisis on the border.' She pointed to pictures of Americans who have been murdered by illegal immigrants and said their friends and relatives wish their murders had been 'manufactured,' but, unfortunately, the crimes the illegals have committed are all too real, and they have to live with the loss every day.

She asked why the Democrats who complain constantly about families 'separated at the border,' don't appear to have any of this endless well of compassion for the families which have been 'separated forever' by the crimes of illegal immigrants.

So what about the Democrats' 'go to' argument, which always comes up in any discussion of immigration. That's the claim that people who oppose open borders are 'White Supremacists' and 'racists.'

"I am not White," she said. "My father was born in Mexico and came here the right way, as many millions of Americans and legal residents have done."

Espinoza says it just makes no sense for the U.S. to be 'importing criminals.'

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