Scooter Injuries Pile Up as New Rules Set to Kick in

Alarming new statistics on the danger of those electric scooters, as the first significant restrictions on the use of the devices are set to kick in this weekend, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

EMS reports they have been called to 173 scooter injuries since last fall, with 109 people taken to the hospital with various injuries, ranging from head injuries to broken bones. 13 of the scooter injuries were categorized as 'trauma.'

They include a nine year old girl who recently broke her leg on a scooter, and a 33 year old woman who suffered a broken arm.

Officials say most of the injuries stemmerd from the rider's inability to handle the scooter, including scooter riders who have smashed into walls, trees, parked cars, and other scooters.

The law prohibiting scooters from being operated on sidewalks kicks in on Sunday, June 30.

City officials are planning to implement new scooter restrictions this fall, including speed limits, more restrictions on where the devices can be parked and stowed, and new safety measures.

City officials say they are also requesting proposals from the seven companies that currently operate scooters in the city, hoping to whittle that number down to three, and the number of scooters on the streets will be cut by more than two thirds.

City officials say the three companies that will be selected to continue operating scooters will have the best plans to work with the city to reduce scooter injuries and clutter, and to make the devices safer.

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