Costs of Caring for Illegal Immigrants in San Antonio Put at $600,000

In the past few months, City of San Antonio taxpayers, and several relief groups, have spent some $600,000 taking care of the flood of more than 16,000 refugees who have passed through the city.

The refugees range from 'migrant convoy' members from Central America, to a surge in immigrants from Central Africa, who began arriving earlier this month, to a recent spike in illegal immigrants from Haiti, who were captured entering the U.S. just last week.

The refugees were generally sent to San Antonio by the Border Patrol, which lacks the facilities to house the flood of immigrants. The Border Patrol has sent immigrants to communities as small as Uvalde and as far from the border as Dallas as it deals with the current record numbers of immigrant families.

More than 600 city employees have volunteered their time to help with the refugees, and city officials say Travis Park Church downtown has housed some 10,000 immigrants for at least one night since the surge began. The city has opened two community buildings to act as shelters for the immigrants.

The Food Bank has spent more than $250,000 dollars in providing food and in kind services to the social service organizations who are housing the immigrants. Catholic Charities has also been working to feed, house, and care for the immigrants, according to figures provided to the Washington Examiner.

Under the Border Patrol plan, the immigrants are sent to relatives, and to places where communities of people from their countries live, to await their immigration and asylum hearings.

If the immigrants can't afford bus fare or plane tickets to those places, several social service agencies say they have pitched in to pay for their transportation.

City officials expect more refugees to begin arriving 'in surges' for the foreseeable future.

Photo: Getty Images

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