Councilman to Bosses: Ease up on Dress Codes on Hot Summer Days

Downtown Councilman Roberto Trevino says when the weather gets this hot, bosses need to rethink their dress code regulations, especially for men, to give CPS Energy a break.

Trevino, who is an architect, says most office buldings are air conditioned to a level that is comfortable for men wearing bulky business suits, and that often results in a strain on the electric grid during hot days that could lead to higher power rates and even the possibility of brown outs.

Not to mention the fact that women are almost always too cold in the office. He says a female staffer in his office came to work yesterday, when the temperature hit triple digits, wearing a sweater and with a heater under her desk.

Trevino wore a guayabera, rather than his usual business suit, to Thursday's City Council meeting to make the point.

"Now that I am dressed this way and I am in this room, I walked into City Hall and it is cold," he said. "When you are wearing a suit, it doesn't feel that way."

He urged employers to adjust their office dress codes to give both men and women a break, save money on electricity, and help take the pressure off of CPS Energy.

"Understanding that we can actually dress more appropriately during the summer months, I'm asking everybody across the city to dress more appropriately during these hot summer months."

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has warned that, due to the state's growing population, and the retirement of coal fired power plants, the state is at a greater risk for brownouts and requests to turn off appliances during the heat of the afternoon.


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