H-E-B's Butt Named Second Best Corporate CEO in USA

Charles Butt, the long time CEO of San Antonio based H-E-B, today was named the second best corporate executive in the entire country, in a survey of hundreds of thousands of workers who responded anonymously to the business web site 'Glassdoor.com,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Butt received 99% approval from his employees in the Glassdoor survey.

Butt, 81, is the grandson of H-E-B founder Florence Butt and the son of the company's namesake, Howard Butt, Sr. The Harvard educated CEO has held the top spot in the company since 1971 and is credited with growing H-E-B's brand into one of the most respected worldwide.

The Glassdoor survey ranks Butt ahead of the CEO's of such companies as Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Adobe, all of whom also made the list of the country's ten best CEOs.

Butt is not known for making public appearences, but he is very involved in charities, mainly work in support of education, and he is also a benefactor for non profits statewide.

Forbes has estimated Butt's net worth at $11 billion, making him the wealthiest San Antonian. H-E-B is closely held, and controlled by the Butt family, with Charles Butt as the majority shareholder.

The only CEO who ranks ahead of Butt on the Glassdoor study is Pat Gelsinger, the head of California based VMWare, a software design firm.

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