EpiCenter Energy Incubator to Look at Our Electric Future

CPS Energy's unique 'EpiCenter' energy incubator today will look ahead to the growth of electrification in our future, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Kimberly Britton, who is the CEO of EpiCenter, which was created to consider and encourage innovation in future forms of energy, says 'the coming surge of electrification' will accompany attempt to phase out dirty and inefficient fossil fuels in many areas, not just in electric automobiles.

"We are looking at apply electrification to industrial processes," she says. "Big earth moving equipment, for example. Think about doing fracking with electrification."

Among the topics to be discussed at the annual EpiCenter summit, called 'Plug Me In, Smart. Connected. Electrified.' will include ideas on how to remove regulatory barriers to electrification, how to extend electrification technology to transportation, especially to agricultural and industrial vehicles, and, Britton says, how to come up with the battery technology of tomorrow, which is the 'Holy Grail' of the new energy economy.

"I think that battery storage is one of the game changing technologies which will jump start this move toward renewables toward becoming our major energy source, or not," she said.

Also on the drawing board, electric highway traffic signals, electric vehicle fleets, and how to make America's homes operate fully electric.

The EpiCenter was created by CPS Energy to become sort of a 'Geekdom' for tomorrow's energy development, and to insure that Texas remains the world energy leader as the energy source moves away from oil and gas and into renewables.


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