Could the Wet Spring Put the 'Water Police' Out of Business This Summer?

The 'water police' could spend the summer munching on donuts, if the current weather pattern holds up, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Thanks to the regular rains we have been receiving during the spring, when summer officially begins on Friday, the Edwards Aquifer will be above the 680 foot level.

"It's wonderful," SAWS Conservation Manager Karen Guz says. "Its highly unusual. The normal for the Aquifer for this time of year would be in the 660s at the U-17 index well, for it to be in the 680s, is really astounding."

Guz says the heavy spring rains have not only raised the Aquifer, they have limited the need of homeowners and businesses to water their lawn, which will also keep water usage down and the Aquifer level up. She says the farmers to the west of San Antonio who rely on the Aquifer for crop irrigation are also seeing the benefits.

"It is likely that the farmers are using a lot less of their wells to support their crops this spring, and all of that is helping keep the Aquifer really high."

But Guz says a wet spring does not necessarily mean a wet summer is on the way, and she says we need to be ready for the taps to shut off in a hurry.

"If the weather stays wet, then could have a good chance of avoiding restrictions."

She says that means you may go the entire summer without once hearing the dreaded words 'water one day a week based on the last digit of your address.'

But she points out that there are still year-round routine water use rules in place, including not using sprinkler systems during the heat of the afternoon, and not wasting water.

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