Abbott Vetoes First Major Bill of Legislative Session

We have our first major veto from Gov. Abbott of a bill passed in the 2019 Legislature, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Abbott over the weekend vetoed a bill that would have required that all children under the age of two be secured in rear facing carseats when riding in a car or a pickup truck.

The law would have also allowed police to pull over vehicles specificially for violating this law, making it a 'primary offense.' First offense would be a warning, the second offense a fine of up to $250.

The bill passed easily in the Texas House and Senate, but in his veto message, the governor described the law as an example of 'overcriminalization' and an infringement on parental rights.

"It is not necessary to micromanage the parenting process to such a great extent, much less to criminalize the parenting process in Texas," Abbott said in his written veto statement.

Supporters said Texas would join 13 other states which have required rear facing seats for children under two.

Abbott pointed out that Texas law already mandates that children under eight, depending on their height and weight, be strapped into carseats, in a way that is dictated by safety standards.

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