Abbott Signs ' Beer to Go' Law

Gov. Greg Abbott over the weekend signed the 'Beer to Go' bill, which allows Texans to buy beer at craft breweries and take it home to drink, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The governor signed the bill at a craft brewery, with a six pack of beer on his lap.

"Craft breweing is big business in Texas," Abbott said. "But until now, if you visited a craft brewery and enjoyed what you drink, you couldn't take any beer to go. Now, Texas has changed that, because that is not freedom."

Texas was the last state in the union which clung to a post-prohibition era law prohibiing breweries from selling beer directly to customers.

The measure became a major issue with the rise of craft breweries, small, generally independent breweries which focus on the 'beer experience.' They are well known destinations for tourists, but, until now, the tourists were unable to buy beer at the brewery and take it home.

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