North Texas Congressman Says Women Who Have Abortions Should Go to Prison

Comments made by a north Texas Congressman about abortion have roiled the always emotional debate over the procedure.

U.S. Rep Ron Wright (R-Arlington) said in a video released by a pro choice group that he thinks women who have abortions should go to prison.

Wright says in the video that women who undergo abortions should 'absolutely' be punished.

But Kayleen Wright (no relation) who heads Texans for Life, says no mainstream pro life group in Texas shares that opinion.

"There are a lot of practical and legal reasons for not pursuing criminal penalties against a woman," she said. "It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between an induced termination of pregnancy or an abortion."

Kayleen Wright says pro life groups focus their attention and legislative action on doctors who perform abortions, and support penalties against them.

A bill was introduced early in the 2019 Legislature that would have charged both the abortion doctor and the woman who undergoes the abortion with murder, but the bill was quickly pulled down.

Lawmakers in the recently completed session did approve two anti abortion bills. One prohibits local governments from contracting with abortion providers like Planned Parenthood for any services, and the other requires doctors to perform life saving care for a baby who survives a bungled abortion.

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