Abbott is the Latest to Speak Out Against Proposed Tariffs Against Mexico

Governor Greg Abbott is joining the chorus of Republicans who are expressing their concerns about the impact that President Trump's proposed tariffs on Mexico will have on the Texas economy, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

At a Capitol press conference, Abbott says he recently urged Vice President Pence to find a way to convince Mexico to cut back on the number of illegal immigrants flowing through Mexico toward the United States without resorting to five percent tariff on Mexican imports, which the President threatens will go to 25% until Mexico acts.

"Tariffs pose a problem in the state of Texas," Abbott said. "Texas lads the nation in exports, our trade with Mexico is prolific, and will not be benefitted by tariffs against Mexico."

Abbott said illegal immigration into Texas is a serious problem too, but he says there are other ways to achieve that goal.

"I urged the Vice President to work on ways to better secure our border, in ways that do not involve tariffs," he said.

Several key Republicans have spoken out in recent days against the tariff plan, saying the imposition of tariffs would damage U.S. consumers and the economies of border cities and states far more than they would 'punish' Mexico.

There is also a concern about how tariffs would work, with experts pointing out that the days of a product being 'made in Mexico' and then shipped to the U.S. are over. Advanced manufacturing, like the Tundra trucks made at San Antonio's Toyota plant, now involve products crossing the border several times during the manufacturing process.

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