Texas Teacher Fired After Complaining About 'Illegal Students from Mexico'

A high school teacher in Ft. Worth has been fired after she tweeted that ‘illegal immigrants are taking over my school’ and she urged President Trump to rid Ft. Worth of undocumented people.

“Mr. President, Ft. Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” one of her tweets read. “Carter Riverside High School has been taken over by them.”

More than a dozen people appeared at last night’s Fort Worth ISD board meeting to demand the resignation of English teacher Georgia Clark.

“This teacher directly jeopardized the mental well being of our students, by creating an association of fear with attending school,” one parent said. “Dozens of students have already stood up, and told you they don’t feel safe in her care.”

One immigrant rights group said Clark ‘wants to turn school rooms into deportation zones.’

Nobody stood up for Clark at the meeting, and the board approved her termination unanimously.

The 1982 Plyer v. Doe U.S. Supreme Court ruling requires that public schools educate all students who live in their area, regardless of the students’ immigration status.

Clark has 15 days to appeal her termination.

The case has also raised free speech issues. Since a public school district is a government entity, many people have asked whether this amounts to the government restricting a person’s ability to speak, which is prohibited by the First Amendment.

Clark has been quoted as saying that she thought she was tweeting directly to President Trump's twitter account. Her account has since been deleted.

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