San Antonio Company to Open Alamo Augmented Reality Exhibit at the Airport

Visitors will be able to arrive at the San Antonio airport and come face to five with Davy Crockett and Santa Anna, at least through the new technology of 'augmented reality,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

San Antonio based Quantum-ERA, an augmented reality startup (think Pokemon) is setting up a truly unique exhibit at the airport, which opens Thursday.

Presient Michael McGar says when you arrive at the airport you will see posters of six key figures from the 1836 battle.

When you look at the poster through your phone or tablet using a free downloadable app, it appears to come alive.

"When you look at it with your phone, the character pops up, and somebody can take your picture with your character," he said.

Quantum-ERA designed the Augmented Reality table-top display of 1836 San Antonio which has become a major attraction at the Witte Museum, as well as the AR system that allows you to walk through Alamo Plaza and see the events from the battle come alive in front of you as you walk through the areas where they happened.

He says the Airport exhibit will be a new move for his company.

"It's a real fun piece for us, because we get to show people coming to San Antonio what the Alamo is about, and they get to interact with the characters who were involved in the Battle of the Alamo.

He says a total of six of the key figures from the battle will be part of the airport Augmented Reality attraction.

He stresses his exhibition is not 'Virtual' Reality, which requires a headset and cuts the viewer off from the real world. He says the strength of 'Augmented Reality' is that people can look at a place, like Alamo Plaza, and, looking through the screen using the app, can see on that place an AR enactment of historic events.

He says, working with the Seminary Ridge Museum and the National Park Service, Quantum-ERA is currently putting together an AR tour of the Gettysburg battlfield, allowing visitors to watch events like Pickett's Charge and the Battle for Little Round Top at the places where those world changing events took place.

They are also working on an AR guided tour of the historic sites in Philadelphia.

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