Census: S.A. Added 20,800 in Past Year, Second Fastest Growing Big City

Say hello to your 20,800 new neighbors.

1200 WOAI News reports figures released this morning by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that is the amount the City of San Antonio grew just in the past year, making San Antonio the second fastest growing big city in the country in terms of numerical growth, behind only Phoenix.

San Antonio's estimated population today, according to the Census Bureau is 1,532,233. That is less than 50,000 behind Philadelphia, and Philly is growing. That means by the time of the 2020 Census, San Antonio, which has been the seventh largest city in the USA for this decade, could enter the next decade at number six.

In terms of percentage growth, New Braunfels is also the second fastest growing community in the country, growing its population in the past year by 7.2%, to an estimated population today of 84,612.

America continues to grow in the soutbh and the west. Of the 15 fastest growing big cities in the country, only one, Columbus Ohio, is not in the south or west region.

Texas is seeing the most of this growth. Ft. Worth is right behind San Antonio as the third fastest growing big city in the country. Austin is number 6, with an estimated population today of 964,000.

Frisco and McKinney, both suburbs of Dallas Ft. Worth, are also among the 15 fastest growing cities in the country in terms of numeric growth.

McKinney and Frisco, along with Georgetown and Rowlett, are also among the 15 fastest growing cities by percentage growth.

The figures show America is an increasingly urban country. The percentage of population living in town of less than 10,000 is the smallest in history, and the vast majority of the growth is in the nation's 775 cities with populations of 50,000 or more.


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