Illegal Immigrants to be Shipped from Uvalde to San Antonio

Uvalde and Uvalde County are chartering buses to ship two to three dozen illegal immigrants per day to San Antonio, which has facilities which are better equipped to deal with them, News Radio 1200 WOAI rpeorts.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin says the illegal immigrants are being released by the Border Patrol into Uvalde, simply because the border detention centers are overwhelmed and officials are trying to disperse as many family units and non violent illegal immigrants as possible, to avoid an overload along the border. Moving these people to places like San Antonio will free up secure housing space for single men and for people with criminal records, officials say.

"This is a problem that our federal government should be addressing but sadly they are not," McLaughlin said. "We have been talking with the city and county officials in maverick and Val Verde counties who have had this issue going on for the last couple of months and they are overwhelmed with this problem as well."

Officials say the immigrants will probably be simply dropped off at the H-E-B and Walmart parking lots.

Uvalde officials say not only is San Antnoio, which recently provided $141,000 for immigrant housing efforts, and that money is being matched by local donations.

Officials say the migrants will likely not be staying in San Antonio either, the Alamo City is simply a place where the immigrants can catch buses to communities where many have relatives, or where large Central American communities exist where they can acclimate, mainly in the New York and Los Angeles areas.

The immigrants are awaiting their immigration court appearance dates. They are not seeking asylum and they are not authorized to work in the U.S.

San Antonio officials estimate that more than 8,000 illegal immigrants have been either directly released into the city or shipped to San Antonio from other areas since the 'migrant caravans' began arriving at the Texas border in December.

"We have a serious problem along our southern border that is a crisis and has now become a humanitarian crisis also," Mayor McLaughlin said.



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