Planned West Side Expansion Now Has a Main Street

Long an afterthought in San Antonio's growth, the near west side is about to experience a renaissance, and now it has a bright new main street to be a part of that development, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

A year long project to expand and upgrade Frio Street in front of the downtown campus of UTSA was officially completed today.

Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales, who represents the west side, says the street will soon be the backbone of a flourishing commercial, educational, and residential area, spurred by the coming growth of the campus.

"We have a VIA transit station just a few blocks away, we have bike lanes, micromobility lanes, wide sidewalks," she said. "All of these things encourage the slowing down of traffic and the use of multi-modal forms of transformation.

UTSA President Taylor Eighmy has announced a far reaching plan to expand the downtown campus to some 15,000 students, with new buildings scatted across the west side of downtown. The expansion will be in the very attractive areas of tech and cyber security.

The growth will spur construction of small businesses, apartments, and residential neighborhoods west of downtown.

Gonzales predicts that in a few years, the area around Frio St. will look far different.

"We know that here on the campus we anticipate as many as 15,000 students in the next decade or so," she said.

Already formerly subsidized apartment complexes west of downtown has been risen by gentrification to market rate standards, and there are plans for new construction from I-35 to all the way beyond the railroad tracks.


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