Bill to Allow Texans to end Twice Yearly Clock Changes Dies in State Senate

Keep on springing forward and falling back. News Radio 1200 WOAI reports San Antonio State Rep. Lyle Larson's constitutional amendment to allow Texans to vote on whether to adopt Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time year round has died after it was not given a hearing in the Texas Senate.

The bill gained traction early in the Texas House, as Larson pointed out that fully half of the states have either opted out, or have considered opting out, of Daylight Saving Time, with its annoying twice annual time changes.

But Larson's bill to allow Texans to choose, along with two bills that would have converted permanently to Standard and Dayling time, were all killed in the Senate. The chairwoman of the committee that would have taken them up said 'no time bills' will be voted out this session.

Studies increasingly show that the twice annual time change is unhealthy, leading to an spike in traffic accidents and even an increase in heart attacks around the times we change the clocks in March and in October.


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