Domestic Violence Today Becomes Issue #1 in S.A. Mayor's Race

The issue of domestic violence bursts into the campaign for Mayor of San Antonio in a big way today, as survivors of family violence hold a news conference to say they are 'are horrified that a man who has been accused of domestic violence by both his former and current wife is on the cusp of becoming the mayor of the 7th largest city in the country,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The event follows the sudden appearence in the e-mail boxes of several reporters around the city a document which appears to be a report of an incident of domestic violence involving Greg Brockhouse, who is in a tight runoff with Ron Nirenberg for mayor.

The report allegedly details an incident of a complaint made by Annalisa Brockhouse, then and now Greg Brockhouse's wife, who claimed that "she was arguing with her husband because he had recently lost his job and been drinking a lot."

The report claims Brockhouse grabbed his wife and threw her on the ground and was trying to hit her, and only the intervention of their children ended the event.

Brockhouse, who is identified in the report as the 'suspect' then left the house, and no charges were filed.

Both Greg and Annalisa Brockhouse deny that the event ever happened, Annalisa releasing a strongly worded statement that 'we are told that we should believe the women, and I want people to believe that this incident never occurred.'

Brockhouse supporters point to several bizarre inconsistencies in the police report. First of all, the SAPD said no police report of the 2009 incident existed, until it began showing up in e-mail boxes, and the police department still cannot verify its authenticity, saying it is 'not in our posession.'

Even though the incident happened in 2009, the form the report is on is dated "SAPD Form 2-3 Jan 2010," indicating that the report was written on a police incident report form which would not come into use until the next year.

While the date does not prove that the report is not geniune, one local criminal defense attorney, who is not involved in this case, told 1200 WOAI news over the weekend that it is 'inconceivable,' that a police criminal incident report form would not include an accurate date.

"For the same reason you're asking me now," said the lawyer, who asked not to be identified. "This would raise all sorts of reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury."

The group of domestic violence survivors, calling themselve 'Metu,' a blending of the Spanish words for 'me' and 'you' and a play on the 'Me too' movement against sexual harassment, says 28 people were murdered in domestic violence incidents in San Antonio last year, and warns that the election of Brockhouse as mayor would not allow San Antonio to have a 'conversation' about domestic violence that could reduce that number.

"We believe that Greg Brockhouse’s character and personality are consistent with that of domestic abusers and other bullies," the group said, adding that a Brockhouse administration would mean 'reduced opportunities for woman in positions of power.'

"We are worried what the election of this man would say to our sisters, sons and daughters. We are convinced his election would set the cause of women back decades in our city."


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