Texas Senate Approves Statewide Scooter Regulations

It looks like the state may take the ability to regulate those electric scooters away from San Antonio City Council, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Texas Senate last night approved a bill imposing far reaching regulations on scooters across the state.

Among the proposals, which now go to the House...a requirement that scooter riders by 16 or older, and only one person can ride on a scooter at a time.

The Senate rules also limit the speed of scooters that riders stand on to 15 miles an hour, seated rental scooters could go up to 20 mph.

The scooters will be required to stay off the sidewalks, yield right of way to pedestrians in all cases, and the scooters cannot be parked in any area that blocks sidewalks, roadways, or handicapped sidewalk cuts.

The legislation includes an exemption for privately owned scooters, allowing them to ride on sidewalks.

The regulations are similar to proposals being floated by San Antonio City Council

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