Foundations Step up Effort to Insure Safe Bicycling in San Antonio

The death of bicycling champion and downtown businessman Tito Bradshaw while he was on a bicycle last month has prompted the San Antonio Area Foundation and Rackspace founder Graham Weston's 80-20 Foundation to create the 'Live to Ride Fund,' which will investigate ways to make the city's streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The SAAF's Rebecca Helterbrand says it is time for action.

"The Live to Ride Fund will be investigating the work of the Master Bicycling Plan with the City of San Antonio, and also, what we can do to raise awareness of safer streets," she said.

She says the action can take forms ranging from programs to raise awareness of drivers that bicyclists have a right to their part of the street, to fashioning curbed bike lanes and ensuring that city laws protect bicyclists.

Helterbrand says she realizes that many people in San Antonio think this is a 'car only' community, but, unless you want to live in a city where the average age is about 80, that attitude has to change.

"The 80-20 Foundation is working to attract, grow, and retain talent," she said. "And we know that the only way we will be able to attract and retain that young talent is is we truly have a liveable community."

The Live to Ride Fund includes high power activists, including former Rackspace executive and Geekdom co-founder Lorenzo Gomez, and she says Maryor Nirenberg will show his support by leading some 200 cyclists on a 10-12 mile bike ride throughout the downtown area to officially kick off the fund.

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