Texas House Approves Amendments Making it Easier to Buy Beer

The Texas Legislature wants you to drink up, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Members of the Texas House managed to tack two amendments onto a bill re-authorizing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for another 12 years, to expand Texans ability to buy beer.

One, would allow Texas breweries to sell beer directly to customers. Currently, the beer can only be sold by licensed retailers.

"My amendment only allows for purchases of up to 576 fluid ounces, the equivalent of two cases, to a single customer on a single day," said State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin), the author of the amendment.

The Texas micro brewery and craft brewery industry is booming, and brewers have long been upset at their inability to sell beer to go to people who come to 'tap rooms' and on brewery tours.

"Every other state in this country allows beer to go, except for Texas," Rodriguez said.

The other bill would allow retailers to sell beer and wine starting at 10AM on Sundays.

"This bill tries to increase the convenience level for so many of our constituents," said State Rep. Drew Springer (R-Gainesville) "Whether you're going to a Texans or Cowboys game, going to a tailgate, or you are just going home and want to stop at the store and pick up a beer."

The amendments still need to be approved by the Senate.

Texas' 'blue laws,' many of which have been in place since the end of prohibition in the 1930s, are under increasing pressure at a time when customers can get essentially anything delivered to their home at any time of the week. Most blue laws were repealed in the 1980s, but laws restricting the sale of liquor on Sundays remain in place.

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