Rain or Shine, NIOSA Promising Even More Food, Drink and Fun

The possibility of potentially severe storms tonight is not damping any spirits at Night in Old San Antonio, as we move into the heart of Fiesta week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

NIOSA chairman Margie Arnold says she is hoping that the famous 'rain rock,' which was hoisted over La Villita on Monday as the final preparation for the event were underway, has enough power to keep the storms away, and guarantee nice weather for the four day event.

She says there will be new types of food available at this year's event.

"We are putting shrimp cocktail at French Quarter, we have bacon-wrapped hot dogs in Main Street."

She says since NIOSA is known by many for its liquid refreshments, there is an expanded supply of those at La Villita as well.

And she says there will be plenty of security on hand.

"No large bags, no backpacks, anything over 12 by 12 by 6," she said. "If you have a clear bag, please use that."

NIOSA is among the top events of Fiesta Week. According to the Conservation Society, which sponsors the event, it dates back to something called 'Indian Festival,' which was a stand alone event which was held in the fall.

After a series of name changes, Indian Festival morphed into River Festival, and in 1948 the Fiesta Commission asked that the event move to April, and become an official part of what was then called 'Fiesta San Jacinto.' That's when it took its name 'A Night in Old San Antonio,' and began to sell food in stands built to resemble the famous 'Chili Queens' of Main Plaza.

The 'Night' in San Antonio became the four-night festival we know today in 1958, and in 1966 the name (pronounced, by the way 'KNEE-oh-suh') was copyrighted.


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