City Won't Fight Threats to Mandatory Sick Leave Ordinance

The City of San Antonio will not fight efforts in the courts and in the Legislature to overturn its ordinance mandating that private companies pay sick leave to their full time employees, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"This is an issue that the courts and the Legislature have already said they are going to decide, and I don't think it would be prudent for us to take a position beyond neutral," Nirenberg said.

Insiders at the time said the only reason City Council approved the sick leave ordinance after labor union groups submitted petitions demand that law was that they were afraid that the other option, putting the item up for a vote in November, would attract voters to the polls who would be likely to support the firefighter union driven charter change proposals.

A State Appeals Court has already declared Austin's identical law, which resulted from the same labor groups circulating the same petitions here, is unconstitutional.

The State Senate has approved a bill that would restrict the ability of city governments to dictate 'terms of employment' for private employers.

"Some jurisdiction doesn't fall solely to the City Council and that has been made abundantly clear," Nirenberg said. "There are things that are the domain of the state, and there are things that are the domain of the federal government."

Nirenberg said the state law now making its way through the Legislature would not affect the San Antonio Non Discrimination Ordinance, which covers sexual orientation and, currently, only affects the relationship between the city and its employees.

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