Should City Council Reconsider the Chick-fil-A Decision?

San Antonio's City Council, today, will decide whether there should be a second vote on an airport concession contract that includes Chick-fil-A, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

The council originally banned the chicken chain over their past donations to charities that supported traditional marriage. That launched a nationwide debate over religious liberty.

Casandra Matej, head of Visit San Antonio, says there has been fallout. Since the vote, there have been about 100 tourists who have called claiming they are canceling a trip because of the vote. That's a drop in the bucket, she says, compared to the number of overall visits. But she says there are larger concerns.

"We are talking to two large conventions that have shared their concerns, however I think we will have a positive outcome," she explains.

She says, with large policy debates like this, there are always concerns about the effect on tourism, which is $15.2 billion industry. They try to paint the city as open and welcoming, and she believes that image remains.

Councilman Greg Brockhouse, who is running for Mayor, gave notice to City Council last week that he plans to amend the vote and call for a new vote this today to bring Chick-fil-A back to the airport. If passed and added to the agenda, a vote to reinstate Chick-fil-A would likely occur on May 2.

Before today's meeting, a coalition of Local Business Owners and Pastors plan to rally on the steps of the council chambers, opposing the Chick-fil-A ban.

"No business should be persecuted or discriminated in this city on the basis of their religious beliefs," the group wrote in a release.

The coalition includes the pastors of Community Bible Church, Cornerstone Church, the Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom, the owner of the Cinnabon and Auntie Anne's airport franchises and State Senator Donna Campbell

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