New App Takes the Confusion Out of Local Charter Schools

Charter Schools, public schools known as 'schools of choice' continue to proliferate in Bexar County, but the number one reason parents say they don't select charter schools for their kids is it is too confusing to determine which charter school would be the best, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

So San Antonio Charter Moms has come up with a new smartphone app, which President Inga Cotton says helps cut through the clutter.

"A summary that talks about, this is a STEM school, or this is a classical education school, or this is a dual English-Spanish language school," she says of the app, which displays pins showing the location of the 82 charter schools in the county, and key information on each one, from the schools Texas Education Agency ratings, to whether they provide transportation for students.

The county's public school districts are embracing the concept of charter schools, which are public, non tuition schools which focus on specific educational tracks. Almost all districts have opened charter schools, most of which are open to anybody who lives in Bexar County.

"All the schools in the app are open to all students in the metro area of San Antonio," she said. "Some of them do have preferences based on location, so they will give preferences to students who live near the campus. That's how the SAISD charter schools work."

She says you learn the good and the bad about the schools on the app. She says they also tell parents if a particular charter school ranks poorly in TEA accountability ratings, or will make you drive across town twice a day to drop off and pick up your student.

She say the app also includes the information that is available about charter schools which have been approved for opening soon, and will also notify students when wait lists for certain schools become available.


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