Royal Birth is a Way for Texas Diaper Bank to Conduct 'Diaper Drive'

You've heard of the Food Bank and the Blood Bank, now the Texas Diaper Bank is using the upcoming Royal Birth in the U.K. to raise awareness of their work in making sure all newborns have diapers, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Diaper Bank Development Director Katherine Garcia is working with, appropriately, Mad Dog's English Pub on the Riverwalk to use the forthcoming birth of Duchess Megan's first child to raise money and awareness of the problems faced by low income families who can't afford diapers.

"We often see increases of UTIs in babies, severe diaper rash that can lead to other health complications, including hospitalizations," Garcia said, adding that a lack fo diapers is a frequent cause of child abuse, as the baby who is crying out due to diaper rash or other complications prompts a parent to respond with force.

She says the diapers today cost $125 per month per child, and that is a cost that as many as one out of three Texas families can't afford. She says the Texas Diaper Bank donated 740,000 diapera in 2018.

"It is certainly a major problem that actually goes unseen," she said. "That's why we are so excited that this is happening."

She says the cost of diapers often prevents parents from taking a job that, ironically, could allow them to afford to buy diapers. That's because most day care centers require that parents provide diapers for their children, and if the parents can't afford the diapers they can't put the child in day care and take a job.

She points out that diapers fall through the cracks in many taxpayer funded 'safety net' programs like food stamps and Medicaid, even the Women Infants and Children program and Medicaid do not supply diapers to families.

The Texas Diaper Bank and Mad Dog's will be holding several fundraisers to raise money to buy diapers between now and the Duchess of Sussex's big day.

PHOTO: Texas Diaper Bank mascot at Mad Dogs on the Riverwalk

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