"Killer D's" Strike Again in Texas House

Democrats may be a minority in the Texas House, but they know how to make their voice heard, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

In the spirit of the 'Killer D's' who left the state for Oklahoma during the 2003 session to block the newly elected Republican majority from passing a GOP-friendly redistricting bill, all four Dems on the House Judiciary Committee boycotted a hearing today on a 'born alive' abortion bill which is certain to pass with Republican support.

The Democrats' failure to appear meant the Republican majority didn't have the necessary quorum to hold the hearing on the bill, which has already passed a Senate committee.

The Democrats signed a statement saying they will 'not join this charade,' and vowed to continue to stay away from the Capitol to block the bill's passing.

The bill, authored by State Rep. Jeff Leach (R-Plano) would fine and imprison abortion doctors who fail to provide appropriate care to a baby who is born alive following a bungled abortion.

"We have three women who are in front of us today, all three of whom are survivors of abortions," Leach told the committee, as he apologized to the women for traveling to the Capitol, only to be unable to provide testimony on the bill.

"The three abortion survivors sitting in front of us, thank you for being here," Leach said to the Republicans in the committee chamber. "Not just the members who are here, but the great majority of Texans, I think, are grateful for your stories."

Democrats say the 'born alive' bill, similar to a measure that was defeated in the U.S. Congress last month, is a back door way to make abortions impossible for women to receive, by intimidating physicians into not performing the procedure. They say doctors would choose not to work in abortion clinics if they know that the slightest misstep on their part could land them in prison for 10 years, and with a fine of $100,000.

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