Catholic Charities Asks For Notice Ahead of Immigrant Arrivals

Catholic Charities of San Antoino says it wishes the Border Patrol would give them some sort of advanced notice before it dumps one thousand illegal immigrants in several bus loads at the Greyhound Bus Station on St. Mary's Street downtown, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Director Antonio Fernandez says his workers managed to find places for the illegals to stay, but a little notice would have been nice.

"We never are notified how many people are coming," he said. "It could be noon, it could be two 'oclock, it could be ten o'clock. And it could be fifty people, it could be two people."

Many of the illegal immigrants went on to other destinations outside of San Antnoio where relatives or sponsors are located. Catholic Charities and the local Mennonite Church worked together to find accommodations for the others.

"I would love to know that we have one hundred people coming in at 6PM or 8AM, so we don't have to have our employees contacting places where people can sleep," Fernandez said.

The Border Patrol has begun simply dropping immigrants off at bus stations in border and close-to-the-border cities, saying all of their shelters which can house families are full.


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