More than a thousand rescued from cruise ship adrift in bad weather


Helicopters and rescue boats were brought in to rescue 1,300 cruise ship passengers on board a ship adrift in bad weather off Norway.

The Viking Sky cruise ship sent an SOS message due to 'engine problems in bad weather', southern Norway's rescue centre said on Twitter, while police reported the passengers would be evacuated by helicopter.

Police in Norway say passengers on board the ship are being taken to shore. At one point, the current began taking the cruise ship closer to the shore, but workers on board were able to restart at least one engine to help the ship regain its course while the evacuation continued. The ship is less than 2.5 nautical miles from the shore.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of Southern Norway says it would take hours to get everyone rescued.

Photo: The cruise ship Viking Sky is pictured near the west coast of Norway at Hustadvika near Romsdal. (Getty Images)

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