San Antonio Aviation History on Display at SAT

San Antonio's rich aviation heritage will be one of the first things passengers at San Antonio International Airport will see when they deplane in the Alamo City, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

A wall mural depicting landmarks in the city's aviation heritage has been unveiled inside Terminal Two.

Among the events depicted on the mural are the establishment of the Stinson School of Flying and the role of pioneering female aviator Katherine Stinson, President Kennedy's opening of the School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks, Benjamin Foulois pioneering military flight at Ft. Sam Houston and the iconic 'napkin drawing' that paved the way for Southwest Airlines, which happened (allegedly) in the bar of the St. Anthony Hotel.

On hand for the dedication was James Bynum, who, as a member of the original Tuskegee Airmen, the African-American miltiary pilots who flew many hazardous missions during World War II in the then segregated Army Air Corps, has made his share of aviation history himself.

"Oh, man, it makes me think it all happened so long ago," Bynum said looking at the mural. "It says a whole lot."

"There aren't enough people who read about these real heroes."

PHOTO: Original Tuskegee Airman James Bynum explores the new mural at San Antonio International. Photo by Michael Board


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