UPDATE; Police Say a Hit and Run Was in Fact a Murder

Police say what they thought was a hit and run that left a woman in her twenties dead early today now appears to be a case of murder, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Emergency crews got calls about 1AM about what they were told was a 'down and out' at the corner of Rivas and San Joaquin on the west side. When they arrived, they found the woman sprawled in the middle of the intersection. She was already dead and appeared to have been run over.

Witnesses told police that she was hit by a black SUV which not only refused to stop and render aid, the driver smashed into a stop sign in his haste to drive away.

But then, witnesses told police they saw the woman walking down Rivas St. shortly before the accident, being pursued by the man in the SUV, and the two were arguing.

Detectives now think the man intentionally ran over the woman.

Officers say they vehicle will have 'major' front end damage so they are hoping to find it and arrest the driver.


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