Car Insurance Rates are Going Up

Car insurance rates in metro San Antonio will continue to rise in 2019, according to data compiled by the insurance web side ',' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

TheZebra says we will pay an average of $1,827 to insure a car for a year in San Antonio, and that is up 1.65% from 2018, and up an amazing 44.9% since 2011, a far steeper jump that the average pay increase for local workers.

San Antonio drivers pay less than drivers in Dallas-Ft. Worth ($1,879) and metro Houston ($2,016) but we pay more than drivers in Austin ($1,764), and the rates we pay are exactly average for the state.

By ZIP code, the highest car insurance rates are paid by people in 78237, which is the west side around and south of St. Mary's University, who pay an average of $2,023 per car per year. The second highest, at $1,991 per car per year, is in 78226 (the south and southwest sides, from Pleasanton Rd. to Lackland AFB), 78207 (the west side and the west edge of downtown) and 78228 at $1,980 (along Bandera Rd. from downtown to Loop 410).

The cheapest car insurance is in the suburbs.

Motorists in McQueeney, in Guadalupe County, pay just $1,652. Other low car insurance rates are in Marion, also in Guadalupe County, Schertz, and Seguin.


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