Man Arrested After Trying to Grab Offcer's Gun

A San Antonio Police Officer found herself in a perilous position early today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The officer was patrolling the Five Palms neighborhood on the southwest side when she saw a car driving away from a 'known drug house.

The officer turned on her lights and siren and attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver accelerated in an attempt to get away.

When he hit a dip in the road, he lost control of his car and hit a guard rail.

As the officer moved in to arrest the suspect, the 18 year old man tried to tackle the officer, and attempted to take her service weapon.

Other officers answering the 'officer in trouble' call managed to restrain the man. He was arrested for evading arrest and assaulting a police officer.

The officer was treated for injuries she suffered in the altercation.


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