Andreen McDonald Search Moves to Camp Bullis

About 300 volunteers were searching Camp Bullis today as the search for Andreen McDonald moved onto the military facilities after other leads have turned up empty, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says there is information that pointed to Camp Bullis.

"We have information that this suspect was seen on or near this base," he said. "We have information that he may have actually entered the base."

Military and National Guard members were on scene participating in the search. Salazar has said he believes the 29 year old businesswoman is dead. Her husband, USAF Maj Andre McDonald, is held on a charge of tampering with evidence, and officials say he has not been cooperative with investigators.

"Even though he is a major in the Air Force, we don't believe he had any official business on post on Camp Bullis.

Camp Bullis is a large area that consists of rough and wooded terrain.

"Even though he is an active duty military officer, we don't believe he had reason to be here, which leads to the question, why was he here?" Salazar said.


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