Truck Hauling Illegal Immigrants Stopped in Bexar County

While the debate over a border wall and immigration reform drones on in Washington, the lucrative business of smuggling illegal immigrants into Texas continues its dangerous course, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Border Patrol Monday night chased an 18 wheeler up I-35 from South Texas into Bexar County, where the DPS and the Bexar County Sheriff joined the pursuit. The Border Patrol determined that there were illegal immigrants in the rig that were being transported from the border into San Antonio.

Spike strips were tossed into the highway near the Shepard Rd. exit southwest of San Antonio.

At that point the trump came to a halt and several people, including the driver, jumped out and attempted to escape.

The Border Patrol thinks most of the individuals were recaptured. The ages and genders of the illegals were not immediately available.

Experts say illegal immigrant transport runs, like the one overnight, and like the one where ten immigrants died in the back of a sweltering trailer in a south side parking lot in July of 2017 are operations conducted by the Mexican cartels, which are branching out into the lucrative area of immigrant transport.

In some cases, the truck driver brings the immigrants into the U.S., usually across one of the busy ports of entry in Laredo, Eagle Pass, or the Rio Grande Valley, and in other cases, the immigrants have entered the U.S. through other means and the cartels pay a trucker to take them inland to a city where they can find jobs, mainly to repay their debt to the cartels.



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