Planning For Hemisfair Park's Phase Three Renovation Gaining Momentum

by Morgan Montalvo 


Plans for Phase Three of Hemisfair Park's makeover are generating plenty of buzz around the Alamo City, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports

Last night's community forum offered the public another opportunity to advance its ideas for the historic site, once Ground Zero for the 1968 World's Fair.

Omar Gonzalez, who heads Hemisfair's real estate department, says citizens want more natural space along the proposed Tower Park stretch, situated mostly due south of the Hemisfair Tower.

"We hear a lot of themes that tend to be recurring,which are community gardens, an area for teenagers to hang out. vertical gardens and greenery," Gonzalez says,

"We imagine a lot of really cool seating options, some places for folks to eat and drink, especially on the more casual side, is what we're already starting to hear," he says.

Hemisfair Park's Phase Three, to be known as Tower Park, could break ground in 2022 and follows Phase One, Yanaguana Garden, which opened in 2015, and Phase Two, called Civic Park, currently under construction.

The completed three-phase product, he says, would be a contiguous, inviting outdoor venue that links the Convention Center to The Institute of Texan Cultures and the Alamodome.

"Maybe it's a place that you go before you go to the Commanders football game, or it's a place that you can hang out after you go visit the observation deck of Tower of the Americas, or you're here for a convention - hey. here's a real great place to spell out and enjoy some of San Antonio's finest food and beverage," says Gonzalez.

Public input, Gonzalez says, is welcome via the comment section on the Hemisfair website. Another Phase Three community forum is scheduled for May 3.