Study: Pot Use is on the Rise in Bexar County

The bill before the Texas Legislature to decriminalize marijuana in Texas comes as marijuana use in San Antonio is on the rise, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

While alcohol is far and away the drug of choice in Bexar County, UTSA's Dr. Timothy Grigsby says weed has surpassed cigarettes as the number two drug.

"Around 2010 to 2013, we saw this transition where marijuana overtook cigarettes as the second most prominent drug."

He told a substance use symposium at UT Health San Antonio that the rise of marijuana should not be seen as a good thing for public health.

"A common misconception that I get anecdotally is that marijuana is safer because it does not have the additives of tobacco but you're still inhaling smoke into your lungs and that's carcinogenic."

He says the concerning thing about the rise in marijuana use is that San Antonio lacks the dataset of when children pick up a joint for the first time. That means it's difficult to target specific groups or areas with public health workers.


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