Morning Murder of an 18 Year Old Tied to a Social Media Taunt

San Antonio Police say a taunt on social media may have led to the murder of an 18 year old woman in the parking lot of a northeast side home early today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say a 16 year old girl called officers to report that she had been assaulted in the driveway of her home near Judson and Stahl Roads on the northeast side after she arrived home from work early today.

The girl said she had 'been getting messages on social media' from two girls who stating they 'wanted to fight her.' And when she pulled her car into her driveway this morning, she said she was attacked.

At about the same time, police in Live Oak say they received a report about two 18 year old woman who admitted they were stabbed after they 'jumped' a girl at her home.

One of the women who was stabbed, identified as Vivian Foster, 18, was hospitalized with minor injuries, but the other 18 year old died at SAMMC.

Police did find evidence of a crime scene in the parking lot of the 16 year old's home, and say they did find a weapon used in the attack.

The 16 year old is in the custody of juvenile authorities.

Detectives are trying to determine what led to the incident, and try to determine who was responsible.


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