Council Says Farewell to City Manager Sculley

There was sustained applause at City Council today, as the city said farewell to City Manager Sheryl Sculley, who is retiring after 13 years in the job. Sculley said an emotional farewell to the city and to its staff which she has led.

“I think all of you, thank you mayor and council for your support, thank you to my executive leadership team, thank you to the 13,000 city employees who serve this city of one and a hlaf million people, it has been my privilege to serve as your leader,” Sculley said, her voice breaking.

Sculley announced in late November here plans to retire as City Manager at the end of February. This was the final City Council meeting before Sculley leaves her position, to be succeeded by Deputy City Manager Eric Walsh.

“There is no question that the City of San Antonio is a better place now than when you arrived here,” Mayor Nirenberg said. “It was a great city then but it is an even greater city now.”

Sculley’s husband Michael as well as their children and her mother were on hand for the farewell.

Several former city officials, including Mayor Phil Hardberger,, who hired Sculley, were on hand for the tribute.

Even children who are enrolled in the Pre-K for SA program, which Sculley implemented, stepped up to the podium to with Sculley well.

“It takes somethig extra to be the best City Manager in the Country, and that’s what you are, and thank you, Sheryl,” the mayor said.

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