Brightly Colored Crosswalks Could Spread Across the City

San Antonio's famous 'Rainbow Crosswalk' has been in place in a neighborhood north of downtown for nearly a year now, so how about installing colorful crosswalks all across the city?

1200 WOAI news reports City Council will consider the creation of a 'Community Crosswalk Program' to recommend on the installation of other unique crosswalks.

The 'Rainbow Crosswalk,' of course, is in place to recognize the community's LGBT community. But other colorful crosswalks could be sponsored by neighborhood organizations, service clubs, and other, similar communities to recognize their activities and their contributions.

Downtown Councilman Roberto Trevino says a study of the Rainbow Crosswalk was done after it was installed at an intersection just east of San Antonio College last June, and he says there are no indications that it has been a distraction to motorists, the bright paint has not deteriorated any faster than the boring white and black paint used for most crosswalks, and there have been no instrances of vandalism.

"Data was also recorded for several days prior to the start of construction of the crosswalk. No picture taking, selfies, or sitting behavior was recorded at the intersection prior to the installation of the crosswalk. There does not appear to be any significant changes in behavior in regards to obeying the pedestrian crossing signals or walking within the marked crosswalk since the rainbow crosswalk was installed,” Trevino’s office reported in a memo.

The City Council Transportation Committee will now look into whether colorful crosswalks should spread across the city. Guidelines expected to be adopted would require that the crosswalks contain no misleading or distracting designs, and it can’t communicate any ‘type of traffic control message.’

The sponsors of the crosswalk would also be required to pay the cost over and above the cost of a traditional crosswalk, which in the case of the Rainbow Crosswalk was about $20,000, which was paid by Pride San Antonio. The sponsoring organization would also be responsible for keeping the crosswalk clean.

Trevino says the LGBTQ community has created a group called the ‘Guardians of the Crosswalk’ which perform that task and so far, have performed it well.

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