Missing Nine Year Old Found Safe

Boy found safe after being missing overnight.

A nine year old boy who had been reported missing after he left Graebner Elementary School of Nogolitos on the southwest side on Tuesday was found safe and sound today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police Chief Bill McManus says a video cracked the case of Ronnie Hedland.

"We were able to find video of him walking by his house," he said. "So when we saw that video, we realized that nothing had happened to them at that point."

The boy was found in the back yard of a house in his own neighborhood. He was safe and was checked out by EMS.

McManus said he didn't know where Ronnie spent the night. He has been reunited with his father and his mother, who lives out of state, has been kept appraised of the case.

McManus also praised his detectives.

"They found him this morning, because they continued to look and continued to beat the bushes, doing a great job, turning over every stone."

McManus said he dosn't know the circumstances of Ronnie's disappearance.

There is another dangerous 'challenge' going around social media called 'The 48 Hour challenge,' where kids are encouraged to 'go missing' for 48 hours, and they are supposed to get 'points' for the number of social media mentions their disappearance receives during the time they are gone. It's not known whether this 'challenge' played any part on Ronnie's disappearence.

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