Lyft Enters San Antonio Scooter Wars

The ride share firm 'Lyft' today jumped into the wide open scooter wars in San Antonio, by adding 250 scooters to downtown, and it plans to ramp up to 2,000 scooters around the city, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Lyft is participating in the scooter pilot program, as the city experiments with what regulations are needed for the vehicles, now many should be allowed on the streets, and other issues.

Unlike the scooters offered by other companies, Lyft scooters are not 'dockless.' The company is placing parking docks in strategic areas, where the scooters should be picked up and dropped off. Not only will this eliminate the 'scooter clutter' which has developed around the City, but Lyft's Caroline Samponaro says they will perform other services for scooter and ride riders and pedestrians.

"Its not just creating a designated place for people to park the scooters, but it is acually creating a place-making event," she said. "People can gather at it, sit on it, meet up at it."

She said Lyft is working with the City to try to come up with rules covering safety, and use of rights of way. Lyft also is encouraging riders to wear helmets.

And she said, Lyft will be convenient because riders can use the same smart phone app that they currently use to hail a vehicle from Lyft.

"Officially today, when you go into the Lyft app, you can not only call a ride share, but you can also check out a scooter," she said.

Samponaro says the scooters will also be placed strategically at neighborhoods where they would be handy for people, like potentially the Medical Center, the UTSA main campus, and Broadway in Alamo Heights.

Lyft scooters at a dock at Houston and Jefferson Streets downtown

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